Important dates for students school year 14/15

Important dates for students at IES Halmstad

School year -14/-15



w. 38 Parent meetings with workshops

Workshop for guardians w. 38

Dear all guardians,

welcome to an evening of workshops. For Junior School on Tue. Sept. 16th and for Senior School on Wed. Sept. 17th. You can choose up to three workshops on these times:

Workshop 1. 17.00 - 17.35

Workshop 2. 17.40 - 18.15

Hundreds of New Staff Join Internationella Engelska Skolan

Around 430 new staff convened at All New Staff Day to be welcomed aboard and to hear in greater depth who we are and what we stand for.
All New Staff Day is a chance for those joining IES to hear more about the ethos and values that will be a key part of their working life.
Internationella Engelska Skolan follows the Swedish curriculum, holds half its lessons in English, and has a clear ethos:
Learn to command English - the key to the world.
High academic expectations - helping every student to reach their potential.
A safe and calm environment - where teachers can teach, and students can learn.

Luftburen nötallergi / Airborn nut allergy

All mat som kan innehålla nötter eller spår av nötter är förbjudet inom skolans område och under alla skolans aktiviteter.

Vi har elever på skolan med mycket allvarlig luftburen nötallergi. Detta innebär att dessa elever kan få en allergisk reaktion om någon av deras skolkamrater eller skolans personal har ätit nötter innan eller under skoltid.

Tack för visad hänsyn!

Extra classes during school year 14/15

At IES Halmstad, we have a strong emphasis on high academic achievement.  For that reason, we offer “extra class” three days a week in order to give students an opportunity to learn and do even more academically. A student may want to go to extra class to:

  • Get help from a teacher on a subject he or she does not understand

  • Study independently

  • Practice a skill learned in the lesson

Parent meetings in w. 34

Tue. 19th 17.30-19.00 Junior school
Wed. 20th 17.30-19.00 Senior school

The meetings will be held in the students home classrooms. The purpose of the evening is to get familiarized with the rules of the school, to meet the mentors, staff members and other parents. Welcome!