Important dates for students school year 14/15

Important dates for students at IES Halmstad

School year -14/-15


Winners IES Nobel Price in Literature 2014

Congratulations, and job well done!

6A: Emilia Lagerstedt, Tuva Bjarme
6B: Sebastian Åkerlund, Algot Welandson
6C: Klara Florén, Hugo Sandström
9A: Ebba Larsson, Lina Abrahamsson
9B: Ingrid Johansson, Djem Nurula

You will all recieve diplomas and medals from the author Camilla Jönsson on the award ceremony in the school library, Wed. Dec. 10 11.30. After that you will be served an extra special Nobel lunch on the stage in the lunch room. 

Thanksgiving lunch Thu. Nov. 27th

Welcome all students at IES Halmstad to a lunch inspired by the American tradition of Thanksgiving. Today we're serving turkey with mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing. Bon appétit!



National Test Results - 2014

National test results released by Skolverket at the end of November show once again that a higher percentage of students from Internationella Engelska Skolan throughout Sweden achieve top grades, from A-C.

Internationella Engelska Skolan’s students at 25 middle schools around the country outperformed their counterparts nationally, as well as the free school averages, in terms of recording the top grades in core subjects such as Swedish, mathematics and English.

Kura Gryning 2014

Tue. Nov. 25th - Reading event with a secret reader! The theme is "Nordic trolls".