School Calendar "IES Info"

To view the school calendar "IES Info" go to the tab "Contact" in the top right tool bar.

För att se skolans kalender "IES Info" tryck på fliken "Kontakt" i verktygsfältet ovan. 

Important dates for students school year 15-16




Autumn term 2015

Extra class & after school club schedule school year 15-16

At IES Halmstad, we have a strong emphasis on high academic achievement. For that reason, we offer “extra class” four days a week in order to give students an opportunity to learn and do even more academically. A student may want to go to extra class to:

  • Get help from a teacher on a subject he or she does not understand.

  • Study independently.

Start of term dates for all IES schools - August 2015

Please note that students are welcome back to school for the first day of the academic year 2015-16 on:

Qualified Teachers in IES Classrooms

The latest figures show that Internationella Engelska Skolan has a far higher proportion of qualified staff than the national average.