BFF (Best Foot Forward)

BFF, or Best Foot Forward as it is officially known, is a practical learning program developed at IES Halmstad to help engage all students in the learning environment.

BFF offers students the opportunity to participate in a small group working on practical tasks with focus on the importance of teamwork, communication and engagement. A student enrolled in BFF becomes a member of a group committed to making a difference to their academic, social or behavioural standings here at school. These goals are reached by participating in tasks that are realistically achievable and provide the students with a sense of ownership.

A student participates in BFF one entire day per week, removing themselves from their regular class scheduling. The course began in the spring with one group of senior school students, however we are now excited to announce that the junior school at IES Halmstad will also be given the opportunity to participate in the program beginning in the autumn 2016.

We are looking forward to developing this project to make it a viable option for students looking for a different path to achieving their goals.

Cornhole boxes and screens
Cornhole boxes and screens
Lettuce boxes
Coat hanger