Cambridge Program

Time: Thursdays 15:45-16:45 for all Cambridge students, plus additional feedback time and peer study groups based on students' individual schedules.

First Lesson: We begin Week 35, August 27. All students in Y7, 8 and 9 are welcome to attend this first lesson as a "taste test" just to see if they would like to join or not.

Location: 407B

Expectations: 2-3 hours additional homework / week. Weekly attendance unless excused for illness or travel.

Exam information: The exams will take place in early May. The cost last year was 830 SEK. This year's cost has not been announced, but we expect it to be around 900 SEK. There is no cost for attending the lessons, and students are welcome to attend the lessons without taking the exam.

Year 9 Only: Students may choose to take the English as a Second Language exam after attending only 5 lessons in March-April rather than attending for the whole year.

Registration deadline: September 1

Link to registration

/Ms. Zarzana