Exchange program IES Halmstad - IES Breckland, UK

The participants in the exchange program 15/16


Since 2014, IES Halmstad and IES Breckland have enjoyed a yearly exchange programme where we offer 18 students the chance to experience life and school of another country.

Purpose / Goal

To help the students learn about another culture while reflecting upon their own and to make comparisons between the two. To strengthen the connection between IES Halmstad and IES Breckland in order to foster more sharing of resources, ideas, students, teachers and opportunities.


9 students from IES Breckland visit IES Halmstad Halmstad in early May. After that 9 students from IES Halmstad visit IES Breckland, also in May.

Which students will get to go?

The students in Year 8 from IES Halmstad who are interested will present in some way what it means to be a teenager in Sweden. Presentations can be in any form: song, essay, speech, slideshow, etc.  

20 presentations will be chosen to go to the next stage, which is an interview with the staff responsible.  In the end, 9 students will be chosen in the following categories: Outstanding, Creative, Most Improved.

IES Breckland will proceed in a similar fashion and will set their own deadlines and criteria.  

What will the trip entail?

The students will spend one day at the school visiting lessons, having lessons taught to them by teachers from that school. They will also be asked to present their application to a number of students and staff. The second day will be a field trip (Bury St. Edmond’s for IES Halmstad students, Helsingör or Varberg for IES Breckland students). IES Halmstad will also get to visit Cambridge, and IES Breckland will get a tour of Halmstad.