Skolidrottsföreningen (Skol-IF) is the student's own sports club. Here they exercise on their own terms after the school day has ended. The idea of Skol-IF is to give all students the opportunity of easy, fun and cheap physical activity. This is done by afternoon activities and recurring competitions where everyone can join. Skol-IF is run by the students with adult support. 

A school club operates within the school framework but outside school time, except for participation in different ball game tournaments. It is completely voluntary to be a member of Skol-if. However, the students who represent the school in various sports competitions must be members. The reason for this is that Skol-IF pays registration fees, court costs and costs for various materials such as sweets and the like.
In addition to participating in Halmiafemman, Yr 4 swimming and table tennis competition (Bästa 4:an),  football championship, indoor basketball, handball, volleyball and Fair Play in various sports, the board will organize various tournaments for students in year 4-6.
The membership fee is 50: - / academic year. Pay to Handelsbanken Halmstad, clearing code 6748, account no. 917 494 318 (Note! This is not Bankgiro).
With the hope of a good sports year! /Ms. Carlsson, PE teacher