Junior Club

IES Halmstad Junior Club, a safe and secure after school place for students in Y4-5. We provide our students with a healthy, nutritious snack around 14:30.

Junior Club offers a range of activities such as: Arts and Craft, baking, board games, quizzes, outdoor play, movies etc. As a Junior Club student you can also take advantage of Extra Class, where you can get help with homework or do extra assignments.The Junior Club staff encourages the students to develop their English language skills through conversation during the activities.

For the safety of our students we have a strict routine of signing them in when they arrive, and out when they leave Junior Club. The school rules apply to our Junior Club, as well as the core values. When a student first start he/she will get a copy of the rules to read through and sign.

Junior Club is open: Monday - Friday 13:50-17:00, except for holidays and non-school days unless notified by the school. Junior Club is NOT open in the mornings. The cost is 3000 SEK per term. When you have marked the box to let us know that you are interested in starting at Junior Club, a staff member will contact you. For more information please contact us at: 0700-841 507, junior.club.halmstad@engelska.se

We look forward at seeing you in Junior Club! /Ms. Fogelström, Ms. Schulz, Ms. Wikström