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August 2019 - Welcome to IES parent meetings!

Monday 19 Aug. 5.00-6.00 pm JR school (Y4-6) NOTE! Y4 starts at 4.30.
Tuesday 20 Aug. 5.00-6.00 pm SR school (Y7-9)

The parent meeting will consist of three parts:
Part 1 PTA (our parent association) presents its activities in the lunch room.
Part 2 You meet the class mentors, other class parents and PTA representatives in the classroom.
Part 3 Note! Only for guardians to students who will attend Junior Club. Meet Junior Club staff in the lunch room betweem 6:05-7.00 pm.

A warm welcome! /Mr. Tomas Andreasson, Principal 
                              Marie Carlsson, Chairman PTA